How to setup J5320DW on Manjaro as a network printer and scanner


I switch from Linux Mint to Manjaro KDE and try to setup my printer/scanner.
My MFC-J5320DW is connected to my router over LAN, IP is

I go to settings, printer, add printer and wait few seconds.
Under network I can see

  1. Brother MFC-J5320DW
  2. Brother MFC-J5320DW (fully driverless) (Brother MFC-J5320DW)

On 1. I can pick up between IPP-Network printer over DNS-SD and LPD/LPR - on 2. I need to add something… just the IP?

On Linux Mint I set up my printer with:

sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=5320DW model=MFCJ5320DW ip=

type in my password and this is it. I find brscan4 in AUR because on Brother homepage I only get .deb files, so I just need to build brsane4 over AUR and run this command?

You mean brscan4 as previously correctly you mentioned it … Yes, that is what you have to do.

Hey @MB7 :wink:

Maybe you need also this package?

pamac build brother-mfc-j5320dw

but yes brscan4 should do the trick, but it repacks the rpm packages:

@bogdancovaciu thx, I will try it after printer installation
@megavolt I try to install network printer without additional driver/firmware.
Is it bad when it repacks rpm packages? I m a noob, sry if this question ist stupid…

No it is not bad. It is just a another format, but the same content. So at the end, the content matters.

It works, printing and scanning, just one problem left, I can not setup print quality, just normal, not high.