How to setup a shortcut to close windows alternative to Alt+F4

Hi, I’ve just installed Manjaro xfce, and I can’t setup a custom hotkey (like ‘home’ or ‘open calculator’) to close windows.
I’ve been doing this with every other distro I’ve used, and I never remember how I did it last time. This time I’ve tried every thing I’ve seen online so far with no success.
The default keyboard configurator needs to know what command to execute, I’ve tried dconf-editor to find the command… No luck. Also I’ve tried to change the default combination to my hotkey… But dconf-editor doesn’t do hotkeys
Xdotool… No luck
Autokey… No luck, in fact I can’t install it, for some reason…
So I’m asking for help, if someone is so kind, because I’m clueless.
I’m a noob, btw, I only use Linux to browse the web on my TV from the coach
Thanks, anyone

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Open Settings Manager → Window Manager → Keyboard (tab) and look for the action called Close window.
There select the action, click the Edit button and choose a different keybinding combination for this action.


Omg it was so easy… Thanks a lot

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