How to set nautilus to open folders by default?

Since I installed vscode, when I try to open a folder, vs code always opens instead of nautilus, which is the file manager, I’ve already tried this command:

xdg-mime default nautilus.desktop inode/directory

You could try uninstalling vscode and deleting the respective (hidden) configuration directories under ~/ (your profile), and installing Code OSS (vscode) from the official Manjaro repositories:

sudo pacman -S code

This might help. Cheers.

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Some additional options:

  • xdg-mime default org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop inode/directory
  • GNOME/Files - ArchWiki (Files is no longer the default file manager)
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Thanks for the help , THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! That was the right command and it worked!!

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