How to set mouse as permanent device?

Hi, I’m new to Manjaro and have set almost everything without issues, but I have this problem with my mouse.

In the Mouse and Touchpad app, under devices I have these options:

  1. SEMITEK USB-HID gaming keyboard
  2. SteelSeries SteelSeries Rival 310 eSports Mouse
  3. SteelSeries SteelSeries Rival 310 eSports Mouse keyboard

All of them work, but I choose the 2nd option as it’s my Mouse and Model. The issue is, I don’t know why it randomly auto changes to option 3. Most of the times when I’m using my web browser (Vivaldi) and I’m unable to right click to see the menu as the mouse seems to double click non stop.

Is there a way to set option 2 permanently so it doesn’t change to anything else?

That seems to be the issue, are you sure changing the device causes/fixes it?

It sounds like a hardware problem. Have you checked the mouse on another os/computer? You may need to replace the switch(es).

Yeah, I first thought it was the mouse. But when I check on the Mouse settings the 3nd option’s selected (the Mouse Keyboard one), if I choose the 2nd option (only Mouse) all goes back to normal instantly. I also keep using the mouse on windows and another laptop, both without issues.