How to set Manjaro as default "StartUp Drive" on MacBook Pro laptop?

… when the MacOS doesn’t see Manjaro/Arch OS partition as a “StartUp Drive” option?

This is NOT a big problem. Just an annoyance…

On my 2013 MBPro laptop I only see a single “Startup Disk” available as the option of the MacOS. That single choice is to boot up to the Apple-formatted drive with my Mac operating system.

But I mostly use Manjaro on this laptop. And to boot I have to hold down the Mac/option key + power, then select the EFI boot choice for the Manjaro partition… which then it boots up no problem.

(I.e., I can intervene with MacOS before it selects a boot-up drive on the fly using the Mac/Option key - but I can’t make that choice the default. The default remains the MacOS if I don’t intervene.)

I’m wondering how I can get Manjaro to boot up by default - instead of having to go through the Apple boot up /drive selection routine each time I power up.

I once had this working as desired, but somewhere along the line an update to something or other changed things to its current state - in which I seem to be stuck?

I’ve read all about reinstalling GRUB and related topics to establish a dual boot platform. But I’ve already got everything working perfectly … except that I have to manually select the Manjaro bootup option, rather than it being the default.

Again to clarify: if I simply power up, without holding down the Apple/Option key, the default boot goes directly to the MacOS environment (instead of the Manjaro boot up) and no other choices are offered.

And although the MacOS system preferences provide the option to select a “StartUp Drive” to allow difference OS environments, my Manjaro drive is not showing up as a recognized choice (and MacOS disk utility does not let me “mount” the Manjaro drive since its not a disk format recognized by Apple.)

Not a BIG deal… but if anyone knows an easy fix, I’d appreciate learning what it might be.

Next time when you boot, hold the option key to show all boot options, and select the Manjaro boot option while holding the left control key. Next time your Mac should boot linux directly after power up…
Cheers, Eddy


@Oldhabbits Wow, such a simple solution … once one knows the magic maneuver. And you clearly do. Now I do, too. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :+1:

Hopefully this post also solves the problem for someone coming along in the future.

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