How to set GDM background wallpaper?

For some reason, i cant set a background image in GDM. If i remember correctly, I have done that before with gdm-tools and the command: set-gdm-theme set -b /usr/share/backgrounds/some_image.jpg

But it seems this isn’t working anymore. Has this changed?

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Hi @GoGRaDaN,

I don’t use Gnome, I used Google to lead me to this, so maybe it helps:


Also see:

I already tried gdm-settings and the Wiki Link you mentioned. The set wallpaper shows for a blink of a second and disappears afterwards and shows the default grey background color.

I don’t know if this is a new bug or something has changed lastly, since the above steps worked before, without any problems.


Well, as I mentioned, I don’t use Gnome…so


No problem. Maybe some others have ideas…


I use graphical solution:
in GNOME Settings ==> user you can select the pic via file-requester;
Mouse: go to the pic, select it, klick the other mousebutton for getting menu and select
“set as background”. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Yes. Thats what i did. And yes, the pic is loaded at the login screen, but only for a blink of seconds. After this it disappears/is blended to the grey background. Independent if i click a username to login or if i do nothing… at least for me this looks like some sort of bug…

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GDM - ArchWiki

as well as this:

Screenshots · gdm-settings/gdm-settings Wiki · GitHub

(see the file extension in the screenshots)

suggests to me that the file you want as a background needs to be an .svg file.

But I, too, do not use Gnome and cannot try or verify …

I have the same problem. Until Gnome 44 update I haven’t problem to change background by Loginized.

After reading and following this article, I am having the same problem. :sweat_smile:
Even if I delete “gdm-settings”, it won’t go back to normal.
By the way, looking here, it seems that this is a bug.
I’ll just have to wait until the bug is fixed.

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