How to set dummy monitor to custom resolution on KDE 6 Wayland?

I am running the latest stable Manjaro with KDE 6 on Wayland. I connected a regular monitor and a Displayport Dummy Plug which creates a dummy monitor up to 4K. This all works well. The graphics card is AMD.
I now wish to set the dummy monitor to a custom resolution (2360x1640, or that ratio more or less). kscreen-doctor does not report that resolution, just regular ones that are 16:9 or 16:10.
Everything I have found so far somehow relates to KDE 5 or X. How can I achieve that? Thank you.

Show output information

$ kscreen-doctor -o
Output: 1 eDP-1 enabled connected Panel Modes: Modes: 1:800x600@60 [...] Geometry: 0,0 1280x800
Output: 70 HDMI-2 enabled connected  HDMI Modes: 1:800x600@60 [...] Geometry: 1280,0 1920x1080

Set resolution mode

$ kscreen-doctor output.HDMI-2.mode.1920x1080@60
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That only works if kscreen-doctor could already find this resolution. But I am talking about adding a custom resolution that kscreen-doctor does not yet report!

The solution is easy and can be found here:

Simply add a kernel command line to grub: video=DP-1:3000x2000@70
with DP-1 being the connector to use, then resolution and frequency. Adjust as you need it.

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