How to set core voltage offset for CPU?

Just like in Windows, you can use Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility to undervolt/adjust core voltage offset, is there any similar alternative to that on Linux?

I don’t know any GUI for it but there is intel-undervolt.

I’m not sure if that would help me since it’s for adjusting CPU cache and not the voltage? I’m not quite sure if they are the same thing

read more… you can adjust the core voltage the intel GPU voltage and the cache voltage individually.
you usually undervolt the cpu and cpu cache with the same values (I think it’s what do the intel tool on windows)

I’m sorry if I’m getting this wrong but that Wiki only consists of reducing CPU cache. CPU cache and core voltages are different things, I believe.

Decreasing CPU and CPU Cache by 100 to 200 mV is usually stable

undervolt 0 ‘CPU’ 0
undervolt 1 ‘GPU’ 0
undervolt 2 ‘CPU Cache’ -100
undervolt 3 ‘System Agent’ 0
undervolt 4 ‘Analog I/O’ 0

CPU is the core offset… CPU cache is the cpu cache Offset… in practice you change both with the same values… as they are releated (should be on the same voltage range).

check the github page of the project and you will understand

Okay, so in the config file, do I need to write negative 140 for undervolting to -140V in the “undervolt 2 ‘CPU Cache’ -undervolt_value_here”?

to undervolt the core voltage with -140mV offset it’s
undervolt 0 ‘CPU’ -140
and if you want also the cpu cache with -140mV offset it’s
undervolt 2 ‘CPU Cache’ -140
and let all other values to 0. GPU, System Agent and Analog I/O

Got it. Thanks a lot!

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