How to set aur mirror for pamac-manager

Hello, I’m a Chinese and is very slow in our country especially at night. But there are a lots of mirror servers in our country.
I want to make pamac-manager use instead of but I can’t find any useful ducument.
Can someone help me, thanks in advance.

Interesting question.
I couldnt quickly find how pamac sets this.
But yay does it rather easily.

To install yay and set your preferred source…

sudo pacman -Syyu yay
yay --aururl --save

Then using yay everything should use that mirror. ex:

yay chrome


yay -S google-chrome

Maybe you can use herecura server inside /etc/pamac.conf and add as last lines this:

Server =$repo/$arch

the advantage is that you do not have to compile google-chrome … and you might have quicker access to it.

for pamac is hard coded

only way for moment :sob: is to create patch(replace url in code) and use your PKGBUILD for create your version

But you can open an gitlab issue for your request (aur url in pamac.conf)

A mirror server is not a mirror for AUR.

AUR is only a git repo for build scripts - AUR contains no binary packages only small text files.

So you will gain nothing by changing the AUR url as the binaries required to create a given package will still have to be downloaded from what ever source is set in the PKGBUILD.

Thanks, I forked pamac-aur and replaced the url. Now it works fine.

Thanks, but for me it very slow when search from pamac gui, I even can’t open at night.

Sounds like a proxy in China would be more useful to speed up downloads.

Maybe Arch users in China can get together and set something up if it is a common problem.

Yes, I use proxy most of the time, but proxy is also too slow at night. Download speed will up at the next daytime. By the way, It’s against the law to use proxy to access the international network in our country. In Chinese parlance, the police may invite you to tea. So it’s difficult to get together and set something up, use mirror server is the only way.

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