How to safetly uninstall Manjaro

So my Laptop has triple boot config (Windows, Ubuntu and Manjaro). Now for some reason I want to uninstall Manjaro and reassign my NVMe drive space to Ubuntu. How do i do that safely.
Some additional info: While installing Manjaro, I used 3 partitions, Boot (which is shared with Ubuntu), Swap (again shared by Ubuntu) and Root. My instinct is to format Root and reassign space to Ubuntu but I am worried about the leftover file on Boot and Swap partition.

Because I am a kind forum moderator, I’ll give you an overview of what you need to do:

Important: Always Back up your data before moving forward.

  1. Boot your non-Manjaro distribution
  2. Identify your Manjaro partitions. man lsblk is a good start.
  3. Make sure your non-Manjaro distro does not mount the Manjaro partition(s)
  4. Open up a disk management tool (assuming your distro uses gnome DE, that would be gparted). Delete the partitions. It’s very intuitive.
  5. Update your bootloader configuration

I strongly advise to refer any further questions to askubuntu. They’ll be happy to assist with that.


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