How to safely run an update without removing a package pamac asks you to in order to proceed with the update?

The latest updates won’t run because it says that it needs to remove ffmpeg3.4 but this package is needed by megasync which I use on a daily basis. Removing megasync is just not an option.

Remove megasync, update, reinstall megasync.

If that works then why would pamac asks me to remove ffmpeg3.4 in the first place, isn’t it because ffmpeg3.4 may cause some sort of conflict or incompatibility in the state of my system after the update? Then reinstalling it does not eliminate the issue.

This is because this is not part of Manjaro and conflicts with Manjaro packages, your AUR packages conflict with Manjaro, that’s all. So rebuild your AUR packages when system is up to date, and be done with it.

The Pamac message probably is clear about that but you didn’t post anything.

No, I don’t think Pamac tells me clearly why it need to remove ffmpeg3.4. The message is the following

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing ffmpeg3.4 breaks dependency ‘ffmpeg3.4’ required by megasync,
  • if possible, remove megasync and retry

Is that all? nothing about vpx something something?

What does sudo pacman -Syu say?

I see, so you need to use command line to see the more detailed message. That one above is from GUI pamac. Doing your suggested command outputs:

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing libvpx (1.11.0-1) breaks dependency ‘’ required by ffmpeg3.4
:: installing x264 (3:0.163.r3060.5db6aa6-1) breaks dependency ‘’ required by ffmpeg3.4

Yeah maybe the GUI simplifies the message. Anyway, refer to my initial message to go through the update.

Remove megasync, which will remove its dependency ffmpeg3.4, update, then rebuild megasync which will rebuild ffmpeg3.4 with new system component, in theory.

I did pacman -Qs ffmpeg and turns out ffmpeg3.4 is among the list even though it was installed from AUR. I thought whatever packages output by pacman command is from Manjaro repos. I am thinking of looking for FFmpeg from Manjaro repos to use it to build megasync later after update, so that future updates will not find my installed ffmpeg conflicting. Is it a correct thought?

Manjaro doesn’t provide ffmpeg3.4

However, I see that comment on the AUR package

The ffmpeg3.4 became too problematic with the latest libvpx/x264 update, so I took the liberty to push a fix to build it with ffmpeg. Hope you don’t mind.

So it probably will build with the system ffmpeg now

Could you please confirm that packages that appear in pacman command may include AUR-only packages? And is it true that packages installed through pacman will not cause future update to require user intervention like this one, i.e. pamac will solve any conflicts on its own without asking me to?

Pacman doesn’t handle the AUR, but depending on the command it can show info about foreign packages.

When you start using foreign packages, manually build ones, and so on (everything outside the Manjaro repositories) you may or may not have such issues, I can’t confirm anything as I don’t have a crystal ball to see through time and what will happen in the future, on your system.

It is because you install AUR package that you had to resolve this issue. Pacman has nothng to do with it it is not made to handle the AUR, only the official repositories.

Pamac though has AUR support, but it will tell you about the issue and it is still up to you to resolve AUR packages issues if there are.

But specifically for megasync, right now:

Maybe a clarifying thing …

pacman -Ss ffmpeg

will only return a search from the repos.

pacman -Qs ffmpeg

will return search of installed packages - no matter their origin.
If it is a compatible ALPM package that you have installed, from the repos, AUR, a discontinued package, a PKGBUILD you made yourself, or any other similar thing then it will be included. Where or how you got it does not matter. Querying installed packages will include all of these.

To put it another way - pacman only works with the repos and locally.


Thank you, this is really what I want to confirm because ffmpeg3.4 is in the list returned by pacman -Qs ffmpeg which makes me wonder why it shows up when it’s from AUR.

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