How to run xserver on gnome wayland?

I need to connect to my linux server via ssh, but I need to see the desktop, since I’ll use graphical applications there.
When I try to find info on how to do that - Xserver is always the answer, but I use Gnome on Wayland. I mean I can switch I guess, but is there a more convenient way to make it work on wayland?

You could also run a VM of a minimal distro running X and SSH from within there, though that may be a bit of a hassle depending on what you use it for.

From quick searching, this is not possible. Maybe with xwayland?

Any of the available VNC programs should be your alternative.

Xserver would’ve been a bit better though, from what I’ve seen. But if it’s not possible :frowning:
I’ll wait a day or two in case someone will suggest a way, if not will mark you as a solution I guess.

Maybe you can explain how you plan to do it and why the default Xwayland, which is always part of a default Gnome Wayland session, is not working for your setup.

Simple X11 forwarding form a desktop system to Manjaro running Gnome with a Wayland session is no problem.

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