How to run mangohud in STEAM

Hello, as in the topic I would like to run mangohud with games in STEAM. In the game launch options I add: mangohud %command% anyway the monitor panel does not appear.

That’s not correct syntax, the correct is:

mangohud %command%

There was an error in the description of the post. The following command was entered into the run options:

mangohud %command%

So what’s the problem? For me that just works.

Do you have installed mangohud?

sudo pacman -S mangohud

I have installed

pamac install goverlay-bin

That’s not mangohud (but has it as dependency, so I assume it’s installed). Did you try alternative method to run mangohud?

MANGOHUD=1 %command%

I have not tried to introduce such a dependency.

So… you want run something what isn’t installed :man_facepalming: Install mangohud first.

When installing GOVERLAY the package manager installed the missing packages in this mangohud.

Try Mangohud with the following to see if there are any errors. You’ll need mesa-utils & vulkan-tools.

mangohud glxgears
mangohud vkcube

It should now be fixed with the latest version of mangohud 0.6.8-1
It’s mainly a problem with non native steam games with the latest dxvk version