How to run Linux OS in A95X F4 T.V box with Amlogic S905X4 processor?

I have A95X F4 android T.V box
I’m trying to run linux but it is not booting up
Please help
Thanks in advance.

See whether this is of help: Amlogic TV boxes - Manjaro

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I didn’t find anything related to Amlogic S905X4 processor or A95X F4 T.V box.

We do not support this hardware, but contributors are free to test images of similar device to see if it works.

What have you tested so far?

Take ugoos am6 image and replace the dtb name in uEnv.ini file of the boot partition to your respected device dtb. This is the same process mentioned in the link provided by jfl.

I am not sure which dtb that will be. You will have do some more research of the device you own and its supported dtb.