How to run Intel-NVMe-SSD-Update-Tool?

Lenovo offers an update tool for the NVMe SSD of my notebook (Lenovo X390). Unfortunately, the installation instructions (README.txt) are not sufficient to run the update tool.
What do I need to do to run the update tool?


  1. Copy firmware update tool to local directory.

  2. Add execution permission if required.
    a. Irmfuu file may not be executable (w/o “x” attributeW to file) after copy.
    In this case, run chmod + x irmfuu to add execution permission to the file and run
    all after that to confirm “x” /execution permission is added to irmfuu.

  3. Switch to root then run irmfuu executable.
    a. Switch to root or add $user to root group to run sudo.

  4. Reboot and check update result.
    a. Run irmfuu show after system reboot to confirm update result."

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Well, the instructions are pretty clear to me.

  1. Copy the firmware update tool to a local directory (“folder”). This tool is obviously called irmfuu.

  2. Make sure that the file has execute permission. :arrow_down:

if [ ! -x irmfuu] && chmod 755 irmfuu
  1. You can execute it with sudo. :arrow_down:
sudo ./irfmuu

Note: Using an absolute or relative path to the file is necessary if the file is not stored in a directory that’s already in your $PATH. So the above command assumes that you are in the directory (“folder”) that the file is in. If it’s in a different folder, then you have to prepend the filename with the path to the file, e.g. :arrow_down:

sudo /path/to/where/it/is/irmfuu
  1. Reboot, and then run the utility to check the result of the update…
sudo ./irmfuu show
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It worked. Thanks a lot!!!
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