How to run anbox on Manjaro?

How do I run anbox on manjaro? ( )

I can install anbox-git from AUR

However it fails to run.

The problem is it misses the module binder_linux

To enable the module I try:
sudo modprobe binder_linux

But this fails too, output:
modprobe: FATAL: Module binder_linux not found in directory /lib/modules/5.9.11-3-MANJARO

According to the arch wiki I need to install the linux-zen kernel:

The linux-zen kernel can also be found in AUR, except these are all for arch linux and fail to build for Manjaro linux.

One solution would probably be to compile a linux-zen kernel ourselves based on the zen-kernel from arch or from the original kernel with patches from the linux-zen kernel.
However I don’t have that experience yet…

Is there another way around (for instance; downloading and enabling the binder_linux and ashmem-linux modules in a manjaro kernel?)
Or is there some other (safe) workaround?

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Maybe this can help you


install snap version. it’s one click to install. also try using 5.8-5.9 kernel