How to run an exe file on wine as a normal user (not as admin)?

does anybody know how to how to run an exe file on wine as a normal user(not as admin).
i tried runas and it seems to not be there with wine files.

ShellExecuteEx failed: File not found.

You should always be using wine as a normal user (never as root).

The syntax for wine is simply

wine thing.exe

Though wine doesnt just automatically work on all exe’s.

Here is the archwiki which should cover most things wine


Recent versions of WINE default to the User level, as it always has. Under normal operation there is no need for escalation of privileges. You are already running applications as a normal user.

There is no shortage of threads such as Run as normal user at WineHQ.

Additionally, runas.exe may no longer be allowed/included when creating a wineprefix. Technically, it was last available in Windows 8 / Server 2012, though it can still be downloaded from online sources.

I’m guessing it is no longer available via WINE to prevent elevation of scripts via commandline; Windows Activation workarounds tended to use that vector to bypass licensing requirements of Microsoft product, in WINE.

RunAsTool is similar to runas.exe and might be a fair substitute for applications that absolutely must have elevated permissions in WINE/Windows.

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