How to revert into xfce default settings?


I did something dumb, and so I now cannot change my settings back to the way they were. I’ve tried looking up for any ways to revert manjaro back to its default xfce settings, but none of them have helped.

Thanks in advance

No, it has nothing to do with reinstall.

Now i just realized there are typos in that command, as should be:

cp -r /etc/skel/.* ~/

But for some strange reason is copying also unwanted files and folders from /etc … might be just on my end as is an old VM install, but maybe is something else that i don’t get.
So better activate Thunar to show Hidden Files, navigate to /etc/skel folder and copy everything from there to your home directory.


You have to reboot to get things to default.

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Thank you! Everything is back to default. I was losing my shit, wondering if I may be stuck for hours to try and resolve everything but it was all in one command :grin:. Thank you once again and have a nice Day or Night

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