How to restore hybrid graphics configs?


I’m using optimus-manager, which I set many, many years ago and it worked and is working fine. However, a lot has changed since then and optimus-manager was not updated since 2 years, so I consider it abandoned.

Additional motivation to remove it provided the last unstable updates, which broke optimus-manager completely. This caused some issues for me, so I had to roll back to my backup where optimus-manager was fine.

I created notices about the changes I made in order to make optimus-manager working and backups of config files. In theory, removal is simple: disable optimus-manager process, restore configs from backups and reboot.

This turned out to be more complicated, and I need help. First, optimus-manager was installed before Manjaro had a hybrid setup in MHWD, and because mhwd confs were disabled manually, I got no config which would work now. Additionally, backup configs I made are… GONE. I have no idea what happened in those years but all I have some very, very old configs from 2017, even from before optimus-manager and they shouldn’t work well. In theory, nothing should have removed config files, that I copied and added .bak to them. I wasn’t changing anything, my setup was stable and working well, so I had no need to tinker with it, and I am 100% sure, I didn’t remove them

Because I keep the last few system backups, I couldn’t move 4 years back to retrieve those files. I tried my best with using what I have but after reboot, the graphical system didn’t start. So I restored my last working setup with optimus-manager.

To show you what I am dealing with, I miss those configs:


My current installed graphical setup is:

 NAME                                        VERSION        FREEDRIVER     TYPE
video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime            2023.03.23           false      PCI
video-modesetting                          2020.01.13            true      PCI

My question are:

  1. If I remove video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime and install it again, will I gain the needed graphic configs?

  2. Do I need to do something extra? I mean, I know what configs were manually removed and archived (as it turned out, ineffectively), but maybe in all those years there are other new configs or they changed names? In short, what are the current config files in hybrid setup?

  3. Do I even need video-modesetting now? (I required it for optimus-manager, but seeing how old it is, it may be obsolete).

Thank you for your help

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