[How To] Restore Breath2 wallpapers

I was very disappointed by the fact that my Breath2 Manjaro wallpaper was gone after the most recent desktop update. After digging for quite some time, I was able to find the original sources here:

I hope this small post helps anyone who finds himself in a similar situation.

Some of the old and new wallpapers will be added here

We just need to find a proper way to provide them, so the package is not huge and then people start complaining of getting installed wallpapers they do not use.

Or maybe will be just put in the community

Meanwhile you can check this, as i will ad more stuff there, so people can use them …

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Thanks. Is there a package we can install from the community or extra repository that would bring back the particular wallpaper linked in my original post?

Not for now. We’ll release Breath Classic eventually with old theme and wallpaper.