How to resize partition with NTFS on Linux

I have Manjaro Linux on external drive. I have partition with NTFS file system for data on external drive. How to resize partition with NTFS on Linux? I try GParted and KDE Partition Manager, but it writes that the selected partition cannot be shrunk/resize. I don’t want to do it in Windows.

Why not do it on Windows? The NTFS filesystem is made for windows, the best tools for managing NTFS partitions are most likely to be windows software?

Have you tried a search for your issue? There are some options:

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Why not?
It would be the easiest way - and the safest as well.
It’s fast, too.

Do you have Fast Startup enabled?,_refused_to_mount

Using Windows and Linux together can be painful - partly because I had issues with Windows sometimes failing when you do partitioning elsewhere…

hi, so i transferred the data from the external drive (NTFS) to the PC, and then erased the whole drive. I wanted to boot from the Manjaro flash drive, but I got this message: (I’m using UEFI on a laptop)

Secure boot is disabled/turned off?

when I choose the old Legacy BIOS, the message is not displayed, but is it appropriate to put MBR and Legacy on a modern laptop?

That is your choice to make …
But MBR/Legacy is not the only option.
Your UEFI firmware should have a setting to enable/disable secure boot.
That’s not the same as setting it to boot in Legacy mode.
Manjaro will not boot with secure boot enabled.

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I want to create efi and root partitions and I want to keep / home because I have important data on it. But when I want to create an efi partition, I enter:
size: 500 MB,
file system: fat32,
mount point: /boot/efi
and I see es tags there, I don’t see esp but only legacy and boot. Isn’t it because Etcher created a partition table for me on an MBR flash drive, not GPT?

You can use something like back-in-time to backup the /home and do a complete reinstall if you like…

I finally managed to install Manjaro Linux. In the installer, I chose the “Replace partition” item and I chose the system partition, the / home partition is fine. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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