How to resize a LUKS root partition?

How do I increase the size of the partition in which Manjaro KDE 22 is installed?

It is a LUKS installation but there is some unallocated space after the partition on which LUKS enabled Manjaro is installed.

Do I simply increase the size of the (Luks) manjaro partition? KDE Partition manager is allowing it but I haven’t done it yet.


The KDE Partition Manager is capable of resizing LUKS partitions. This is, in theory, completely safe. However, due to the nature of messing with partitions and LUKS especially, I recommend taking a backup beforehand, and running the operation from a live USB.

Actually trying to do shrink my FDE fresh default cinnamon install luks partition as well.
Looks like neither disks nor gparted can do / offer that ?

Are you trying to resize the partition while booted into the system (i.e. have the partition mounted), or from a live ISO?

Naivly, I tried both options , hoping that either would work and I do not have to spent too much time on doing (learning) it manually …but looks like it’s difficult without.

I had a look here

… and I think the GUI installer does #LUKS on a partition

As I was about todo a fresh install anyway, I thought I could use the GUI installer to create partitions which do not cover the full disk, but that does not work either

Looks like its a difficult topic (no surprrise)

… thus it would be great to have a no-fuss easy default install … what the GUI even does, just without a working option to leave some space for another (not encrypted) partition :thinking: