How to reset xfce to default manjaro look?

I am a long time GNOME user, and due to some issues with my laptop, I removed gnome and installed xfce. So far I have had no major issues. Its very neat and easy to configure. However, I tried to make some changes to my default panel, and now it has different look and items displayed.

I want to know how to reset my panel to look as it is by default in manjaro xfce. Is there any reset to manjaro-default feature or do I have to manually make changes to get the look back?

You might be able to use /etc/skel/ to find the default configs.

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I did a search in the archived forum (i.e., How do I reset my XFCE default settings? - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum). This seems to be a popular question. I know I wanted to know (just in case) :slight_smile: Users were pointed to: xubuntu - Resetting Xfce Panels to default settings? - Ask Ubuntu. I’d make backups before I started removing files and directories.

I found a very crude way of restoring it to manjaro defaults. I made a new user and copied the .config folder to my user .config and replaced the files. I then restarted my machine, and now I have the default manjaro xfce look!

And if you look in /etc/skel ? …
(it should have things like .config that are used for new user profiles)

I tried that, but nothing changed, even after restarting my system. So I went with my method. It would be nice if distros had some “reset to default look” tools for xfce.

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Not sure how that works given its the same files … but ok, whatever works I guess.

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