How to replace a "package" for its "package"-git version gently?

I am trying to install the “package”-git package while I already have “package” installed. “package” is a dependency of a lot of other packages which I do not like to remove and reinstall.

How to replace gracefully a “package” for its “package”-git version?

Generally the “package-git” will conflict with the “package” while installing. For example tenacity-git from AUR has conflicts=(tenacity) in it’s PKGBUILD which means it will automatically prompt you to remove tenacity during installation. The git package should normally replace the package without any problems.

Hi @Bastiaan,

Note: I’m no expert and might be wrong. However,

AFAIK you should be able to safe install it with pamac, which will then take care of the dependencies and conflicts for you:

pamac install <packageName-git>

Where <packageName-git> is the name of the -git package you wish to use.

As example unpaper-git stops as it cannot remove unpaper
Maybe because unpaper-git it is an AUR package and unpaper a community package?

That’s probably because unpaper has it’s own dependencies. Check with:

pacman -Qi <packageName>

Where <packageName> is the name of the package you’re querying.


Possible, but I doubt it.

that will give:
Required By : gscan2pdf ocrfeeder ocrmypdf

And if you query each of those packages?

Well removed the 3 dependent packages but still cannot build unpaper-git.
Building unpaper directly from git worked though.

Then there’s nothing to do 'bout it, except flag it on the AUR.

Problem was that unpaper 6.1 produced 0 byte output images and caused gscan2pdf to not work.
So my first thought was to try installing the unpaper-git from AUR but that didn’t work.

With a direct git compile of unpaper 6.2 it works as expected. Don’t know why.

I had to link the compiled binary to the .local/bin though:
ln -s ~/source/unpaper/builddir/unpaper ~/.local/bin/unpaper

Comment on the AUR page, it might help someone else.

will do

First build the package then install it

Some pkgbuilds require could more effort: How to install mesa-git? - #6 by Lolix

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Friendly reminder.

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I know… I am coming from the gentoo world

Did you read the newest comment before posting?

Use this PKGBUILD and it works.

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