How to repair the missing pacman?

I was working on the python 3.9 or 3.10. However, I accidentaly remove python and PACMAN from my system. I was shocked to know how that could happen. It was not my intention to remove PACMAN. So my urgent request is How can I get PACMAN back so that I can install/upgrate my system in the future?

With pacman-static: pacman - ArchWiki

Binary: Index of /~morganamilo/pacman-static/x86_64/bin/

how did you managed to remove it, its greyed out in the gui…
try this:

chmod +x pacman-static
./pacman-static -Syyu pacman

Don’t call it an accident - it was a deliberate action from your side - you were using sudo - even logged in as root.

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