How to rename device name?

My drive’s name is /dev/nvme0n1 instead of common name like /dev/sda.
Therefore, partitions’ names are /dev/nvme0n1p[1,2,3,...] instead of /dev/sda[1,2,3...].

So unusual and inconvenient.

How can I rename device? Is it possible? Or can I make symlinks or something?


No, you can’t and you shouldn’t.

Why do you want to to this?

It is called nvme because it it a nvme and not a sata drive.

  • hdx is PATA device
  • sdx is SATA device
  • nvmex is NVMe device
  • mmcblkx is EMMC or SDC

For insight in udev naming for devices please consult → Persistent block device naming - ArchWiki


OK. But why my drive name is nvme0n1 but not nvme?

Because multiple nvme may exist in multiple domains thus the numbering is necessary to address the correct storage unit.

To understand the consept use you favorite search engine. One result could be

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