How to remove wayland?!

I installed an application which used wayland depencdy but I dont use wayland I use x11 org. I deleted the application which I installed but it didnt remove wayland. If i try to remove wayland it says so many things depend on it like legit everything I installed pretty much is now suddenly dependant on this wayland. I cant even copy and paste everything into this message. so this wayland thing has made its way onto my manjaro and became a dependancy of everything and now my manjaro is messing up, add/remove software is now really slow.
I know for sure if i restart my manjaro it wont boot the gui so im just never going to turn it off again unless i can figure out how to remove wayland without it removing all my packages.
Can anyone help me please!!!

Too vague. Read how to give proper info.

That’s not how dependencies work. Why don’t you take some time and read about arch-based distros and how things work before posting.

Blaming everything else when it’s most likely your actions and lack of knowledge that caused whatever problems you are having.

you cannot remove completely wayland, parts of wayland are dependencies of nvidia … you just remove the wayland package that was installed with the program you mentioned
and having installed wayland shouldnt cause issues, unless you are running it
post output from:
inxi -xxG

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sudo pamac remove wayland -o
[sudo] password for computer:
Checking dependencies…
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing wayland breaks dependency ‘wayland’ required by gst-plugins-bad

should i just force remove it without deleting any of its dependices?

you cannot remove wayland and dont try to force remove it, its preinstalled by default and its also a dependency of nvidia…
go to add/remove software, click installed, sort by date and check which wayland package was installed with the program you mentioned

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sorting by date it lists

  • wayland

none of these including the main wayland wasnt installed before i remember them appearing when installing the application

some wayland packages are preinstalled with manjaro, but i dont know which one… so if you can remove wayland, try removing the wayland protocols, if you are able, then remove kwayland, then kwayland-server and etc… those wayland packages that give you dependencies, dont remove…
and what program did you installed?

im not able to delete any. i installed an application called mutter. is this computer recoverable? it installed a bunch of “gnome” stuff, im not using gnome

ROFLMAO wtf you installed Mutter? That’s a whole window manager for GNOME.

Just give up and reinstall - it seems obvious that you have no snapshots or backups to recover (which everyone who has the first clue about using computers should think about before they do anything else).

Sorry, this is beyond help.

Just reinstall and stop being a Moby.


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