How to remove redundant dictionaries?

It seems the hunspell-fr package contains a long list of dictionaries. Under firefox and thunderbird, I have French, French (Belgique), French(Canada), French (France)… I just want to keep French and English. Nothing more.
How to do that ?

I think you need to set that in the applications themselves. They are both Mozilla applications and they’re pretty self-contained, considering that they’re intended to be multi-platform.

I cannot tell you how to do it in Thunderbird, but in Firefox you do it via the “Settings”/“Preferences”:arrow_down:

Language and AppearanceLanguageSet Alternatives

You can then move the various dictionaries up and down, or delete them.

P.S.: I’ve edited your thread title ─ sorry @anon59284200, I guess this makes your joke redundant :stuck_out_tongue: ─ because your English spiel choker appears to be b0rken. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks, but in Firefox, set alternatives set the language of the interface, not of the dictionaries. And only « French » en « English » appear in this menu. I have also a French dictionary in the extension tab.
Sorry for the title. Bad language transposition.

Nodody ?

sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/en_US.aff
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/en_US.dic
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_BE.aff
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_BE.dic
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_CA.aff
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_CA.dic
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_CH.aff
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_CH.dic
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_LU.aff
sudo rm /usr/share/hunspell/fr_LU.dic

It is bad practice but I do that. Adapt to your specific case :smiley: