How to remove python2 and dependencies from aur?


I’ve been reading Python2 aur error in check() on update. I like to know what’s the best way to remove python2 and “the handful packages that depended on it”. If i remove just python2 with pamac gui, will all dependencies also be removed? Or do i need to do it in the terminal? If yes, which command is best and most safe?
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pamac remove -co python2

Both work.
GUI requires you to enable automatic removal of unneeded dependencies in the settings, while CLI needs explicit arguments for doing so.

From experience, you may need to explicitly select some other python2-* packages.

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Is it really safe to enable this automatic removal of unneeded dependencies? Nothing can break? Thanks for your advice!

Dependencies to be automatically removed are those:

  • not marked as explicitly installed, hence installed as dependencies
  • not required by any other installed package

In any case, the packages to be removed will be listed before your confirmation. If you spot a package that should stay, decline the operation.

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