How to remove password feedback with asterisk?

I install pantheon desktop environment and now using sudo gives me password feedback with asterisk like this.

But I like the old behavior where is doesn’t show anything and no feedback.
Please tell me how do I go back to old setting.
Thank you

Use visudo and remove pwfeedback from the default options.

sudo visudo

You have to be familiar with basic vi usage.

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It added a file /etc/sudoers.d/pwfeedback
I renamed it and it stopped the annoying stars.
sudo mv /etc/sudoers.d/pwfeedback /etc/sudoers.d/pwfeedback.disabled

fouind it in elementary os forum

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I tried visudo thing by adding default env_reset line but it didn’t fix it.
but renaming the /etc/sudoers.d/pwfeedback file fixed it

Interesting, because I don’t have any such config named pwfeedback under /etc/sudoers.d/, so good catch that installing Pantheon created it.

pacman -Fx pwfeedback shows the file is owned by the package pantheon-default-settings.

According to man sudoers, and searching for /sudoers.d:

That will only be temporary until the owning package (pantheon-default-settings) will get updated.
Better to create a disabling file in /etc/sudoers.d with a name specifically chosen to get it evaluated after /etc/sudoers.d/pwfeedback.

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