How to remove or increase Password Attempts?

Don’t know why I am having this Issue to begin with, but lately I’ve been taking multiple attempts to enter a password on my own Rig and Forums.

Perhaps I just need a small desk lamp and/or Keyboard with Backlighting. Or increase the amount of lighting in my Room.

Anyway is there a way a to increase the number of Failed Attempts made before the OS/DE locks me out? Or simply disable the Feature for now?

Edit this file:



@whm1974 … Why not just auto-login? Much easier and you don’t have to type the password xD





in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Why in Hell would any *nix User want to Auto-Login in the first place? :roll_eyes:

Thanks. I’ll change it back once I fix what ever Issue I’ve been having that is causing this in the first place.

I’m looking now, but I don’t where the Setting is inthe config file.

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Because one is not able to type the password correctly :roll_eyes:

Line #32

I am able type the password correctly… Just some tempory issue…

To be fair, it doesn’t seem that way… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I see Preformatted text
run-directory=/run/lightdm in line 32
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

Here’s my file:

cat -n /etc/security/faillock.conf
1 # Configuration for locking the user after multiple failed
2 # authentication attempts.
3 #
4 # The directory where the user files with the failure records are kept.
5 # The default is /var/run/faillock.
6 # dir = /var/run/faillock
7 #
8 # Will log the user name into the system log if the user is not found.
9 # Enabled if option is present.
10 # audit
11 #
12 # Don’t print informative messages.
13 # Enabled if option is present.
14 # silent
15 #
16 # Don’t log informative messages via syslog.
17 # Enabled if option is present.
18 # no_log_info
19 #
20 # Only track failed user authentications attempts for local users
21 # in /etc/passwd and ignore centralized (AD, IdM, LDAP, etc.) users.
22 # The ‘faillock’ command will also no longer track user failed
23 # authentication attempts. Enabling this option will prevent a
24 # double-lockout scenario where a user is locked out locally and
25 # in the centralized mechanism.
26 # Enabled if option is present.
27 # local_users_only
28 #
29 # Deny access if the number of consecutive authentication failures
30 # for this user during the recent interval exceeds n tries.
31 # The default is 3.
32 # deny = 3
33 #
34 # The length of the interval during which the consecutive
35 # authentication failures must happen for the user account
36 # lock out is n seconds.
37 # The default is 900 (15 minutes).
38 # fail_interval = 900
39 #
40 # The access will be re-enabled after n seconds after the lock out.
41 # The value 0 has the same meaning as value ‘never’ - the access
42 # will not be re-enabled without resetting the faillock
43 # entries by the ‘faillock’ command.
44 # The default is 600 (10 minutes).
45 # unlock_time = 600
46 #
47 # Root account can become locked as well as regular accounts.
48 # Enabled if option is present.
49 # even_deny_root
50 #
51 # This option implies the ‘even_deny_root’ option.
52 # Allow access after n seconds to root account after the
53 # account is locked. In case the option is not specified
54 # the value is the same as of the ‘unlock_time’ option.
55 # root_unlock_time = 900
56 #
57 # If a group name is specified with this option, members
58 # of the group will be handled by this module the same as
59 # the root account (the options ‘even_deny_root>’ and
60 # ‘root_unlock_time’ will apply to them.
61 # By default, the option is not set.
62 # admin_group = <admin_group_name>

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  1. Because I want to.

  2. Because I’m the only user of this machine; my wife thinks she’ll grow a third eye if she touches that weird computer :slight_smile: (empty nest…it’s only the two of us).

Continue feeding that paranoia!

And now I’m wondering who wouldn’t like a third eye? Seems handy to me.

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The point is to keep other folks from accessing your System. Who even knows what Guests or even Random Strangers who may enter your place, put on your computer…

Sounds very useful if you live in a high crime area…

Like this?

Venusian | The Twilight Zone Wiki | Fandom

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Would be excellent when you just need another eye onnthe logs while troubleshooting…

Ahhhh…another intangible benefit of running pure i3. :slight_smile:

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I.e.: if you’re a systems administrator.

If I easily remember all the command then I would be using BASH regularly then wouldn’t I?

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