How to remove leftovers when uninstalling software?

Is there a way to uninstall Software completely like apt purge on debian? Like the config files, dependency packages, etc. My storage isn’t that much so I don’t want to have leftover garbage files wasting my space, is there a command to do it on pacmac or pamac or something?

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See pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki

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@Yochanan Thanks, so pacman -Rns will do the job.
But is in Pamac something corresponding to ‘complete removal’ in synaptic?


man pamac


pamac remove --help

Yes, but how do I archive it using the Pamac GUI?
Does the option ‘remove unrequired dependencies’ delete configs etc to?

Thanks I’ll mark as solution!


You can use paccache to delete the old packages versions in your cache, it’s provided by pacman-contrib and works this way :

sudo paccache -rvk2

If you wanna keep the 2 latest versions of each package

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This is not what I’m primarily looking for, but its useful anyways since it cleans up stuffs.

You want to delete all things about the pkg. Not only pkg and its depends. I also want to do such things. Moreover, the files of cache and config will still exist in /home/$username. So we need to clean cache and config files.

  1. for pkg cache: pamac clean --keep 3
  2. for software cache in /home/$username/.cache: see Home cache
  3. for config file. I used to del them by myself… :sweat_smile: Now I find Clean_the_filesystem: bleachbit, rmlint-shredder, filelight work fine for me

ones more: you can use pamac GUI to clean depends(need to set first in pamac setting)

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