How to remove labels from app icons on taskbar (panel)?


How can I get Manjaro XFCE taskbar to use icons for opened apps instead of icons and names?

The first picture below is what I got on XFCE on install, icons and names.

The second picture is what I have on my old Ubuntu (after some tweaking), icon only.

I got as far as “Panel Preferences” (by right-clicking the taskbar, or I suppose Panel), but it wasn’t there.


Sorry. Found it. For anybody else looking for the same:

Right-click Panel > Panel > Panel Preferences > Items (tab) > double-click Windows Buttons > untick “Show button labels”.

Manjaro XFCE:


Right-click the panel > Panel > Panel Preferences > Items > Window Buttons > Edit
The actions at the bottom of the list are: Add, Remove, Edit.

Can also get there by using the Settings Manager > Panel

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