How to remove GRUB from rEFInd?

I’m having some issues finalizing the install of Manjaro.
I’m dual booting it with Windows 10, on two different SSDs. I’ve also managed to correctly set up rEFIND and both Windows 10 and Manjaro are appearing as start up option in rEFInd menu. Still, when I start Manjaro, it boots to GRUB. I tried to follow @gohlip post, to no avail:

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release  root


error: no such device: /etc/manjaro-release

Any hints? Thank you.

rEFInd is not default

It’s because currently, GRUB is still your default boot manager, and you still have it installed.

The easiest way for me to install rEFInd by default was to just install Manjaro via Architect, and select rEFInd as my boot manager instead of GRUB.

I don’t know the correct way to remove GRUB, so you’ll have to look into that.

You should update your title from Issues with rEFInd to How to remove GRUB for rEFInd or something so that people can help.

You can try looking at this

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Thank you.
I’ll try to look into a way to completely uninstall GRUB; if I won’t succeed, I’ll give a try to Manjaro Architect.

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