How to remove encryption

Hello folks, new user here. I recently installed manjaro and decided to try out the encryption feature in the installation. Well it works but it takes too long decrypt my drive. So is there any way I could disable the encryption?

There’s no way to do it. You have to backup and re-install, or make your encryption password weaker to make decryption process take less time. Or use another approach for encryption without grub involved.

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Are you sure reinstalling manjaro wouldn’t give an error. I mean the encryption would prevent me from installing anything?

Oh, now I see what you meant by saying “new user” :slightly_smiling_face:
No, there won’t be any errors due to existing encryption if you follow the default procedure. Partitions will be reformatted.

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Thanks a lot. Another question my wifi speed on my linux install is very slow. Its not my connection because all other devices are showing full speed and all the hacks(swcrypto=1 11n_disable=8 bt_coex_active=0 ) I found on internet were already done by default. Any idea what might be causing the issue

Slow as in initializing the connection or data throughput?
If it is throughput i would blame the driver in use, which only happens on very rare occasions.

Data through put. I have 50 Mbps connection and I am only getting 20Mbps on my laptop ( windows pre-installed on the laptop didn’t have the issue)

Ok then i think it’s better to open another thread regarding that issue, (Lets keep topics related to the title)
Don’t forget to provide info as instructed in How to provide good information when you do :wink:

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