How to remove brave and all its data?

Hello, I’ve been using brave browser as my default web browser. The sync feature was not working properly so I want to remove brave and and reinstall so I can try again. Whenever I do sudo pacman -R brave it removes it but bookmarks and everything is still there when I reinstall. It also happens for sudo pacman -Rsn brave
And sudo pacman -Rns brave .Not sure about the difference between the last two commands but non of the commands are removing brave completely.thank you in advance for help

Hi @anon28833997,

IIRC Brave browser is based on chrome/cromium, and if that’s the case synchronization will stop working in the not to distant future, so that should be motivation ti not worry or get something else anyway.

Nevertheless, pacman doesn’t touch you configuration files in your home directory. Since I don’t use, or even have Brave I’m going to guess on the directories, so they might be wrong. To clear the configuration, delete any configuration in your home directory,

rm -fr ~/.brave
rm -fr ~/.config/brave

(If the directory doesn’t exist nothing will happen.)

  • rm is the command to delete something. I like to think it stands for remove.

  • The -f argument stands for force, and causes the command not to ask user confirmation to perform the operations.

  • The -r argument stands for recursive and it’ll cause everything inside the directory to be deleted as well.

Hope this helps!


Hello, thank you for replying. I didn’t know configs were saved in home directory. Im not entirely sure but the command you gave points to root and not home right? And also, i ls -a to see the file and It was bravesoftware

Hi @anon28833997,

The ~ is an alias in Linux for your home, yes. And bravesoftware sounds about right.

this also goes to @anon28833997 !
(it’s not in the / (root) directory
these files are in your ~/ directory,
which means: your (/home/$username) directory …

… about,
but not entirely right :sunglasses:
I just downloaded Brave (brave-bin) and ran it.

It creates:
(a directory …)
and, of course:

remove these and be rid of it :wink:


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