How to remove a Gpu driver from outside of Manjaro?

Hello there,
This is my first post on this forum. I had very recently installed Manjaro in a dual boot config along with windows 10. It had been working great until recently when I was trying to play minecraft. I was getting errors about my gpu drivers.

This is the exact error I got: glfw error 65543: glx: failed to create context: │ │ glxbadfbconfig.

So I went to the settings and under hardware configuration, I chose Gpu drivers and there were 3 options there for me. The first one was installed and running (all were open source drivers, since that was what I chose during install). I had the bright idea of choosing all three drivers there, bad idea. I installed it and it did its thing and it give me no issues. Minecraft still didn’t work but I had more things to do so left it to do other things.

I had shut down the system and when I tried to boot right now, I chose the normal manjaro in grub and was getting nothing! There was a blank screen with a blinking cursor on the top left! No button did anything. I could shutdown using the physical button, and open grub again and open windows with no problems, and that’s what I am using to type this right now.

I really need help to remove the driver from outside of manjaro since it is not booting in the first place. I can access my partitions from windows. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

Now at that point I assume you’d still be able to switch to TTY with CTRL + ALT + F2.
Does that still work? If so, log in and clean up the mess with mhwd…

Hi, thanks for your help. I was able to use the usb installation that I had used to install manjaro and use manjaro chroot to fix the issue. This is resolved now.

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