How to Remove a gpg key?

I installed a new gpg key then found out it was not needed after all. How do I remove the offending key?
I used ‘gpg --recv-keys EB4F9E5A to install it’.

 pacman-key -d  EB4F9E5A
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Excellent. Thanks. Did not even think of looking over at arch. :woozy_face:

Nope. The Pacman keyring and public keyring are two different things.

Then use

gpg --delete-key EB4F9E5A

See man gpg


Now it’s gone. Using pacman-key -d EB4F9E5A gave no errors so I thought it was gone.

Using gpg --delete-key EB4F9E5A definitely got rid of it.

Thanks @Yochanan

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