How to remove a application installed with dpkg

Hello everyone!
I installed wps office using dpkg -i wps.deb.
But now I want to remove it. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in which I can delete it.
Is there a way in which I can delete it completely?
Thanks for the help!

dpkg is the debian package manager - this does not work well on Arch based distributions.

If you managed to add dpkg to Manjaro and to install a debian package - then Manjaro has no knowdledge of how, when and what you installed. You would need to use dpkg to remove the package.

Using a package manager from another distribution with a completely different approach on a Manjaro system is asking for problems and fixing is unsupported.


Hi, should remove the package completely (Purge)
sudo dpkg -P wps-office
then delete dpkg too, you can install the wps package from pamac by enabling AUR or installing yay.


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