How to reinstall all packages via pamac ? or yay?

Putting the title in context:
The machine hardware is active since 2015.
only yesterday started to have some problems with Firefox crashing in several ARCH based distros .
Manjaro by default starts in Init 3 level and I call manually via ssdm the GUI.
After some crashes I had to fsck the Manjaro “/” filesystem; where I started to have several inode errors.
Everytime I get different errors … In different calls … in different distros …
Initially thought about a bad ext4 filesystem ( SATA SSD ) …
But somehow I managed to startup memtest+ and then noticed that problem were in the DDR RAM .
So I had to remove the incorrect DDR RAM stick and the issues disappeared …

During the previous tryouts and experiments noticed several random file deletions in the filesystem structure .
So I Knew I had to first reinstall the Linux kernel package but how about the others ?
Reinstalled also the XFCE package …
Everything seems to work Ok
( as I am writing this in the Manjaro distro) but :

If I call :

pacman -S $(pacman -Qeq) --noconfirm

I get a full list both with reinstall warnings and errors … But it does not execute nothing …

Is there any options in the pamac to do the same thing ? Or even yay ?
From the existing application database would it possible to forcefully reinstall all packages ?

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can you report message warning , errors ?

inxi -Fza
sudo mhwd-kernel -li
sudo mhwd -li

may be by empty cache

sudo pacman -Scc
yay -Scc

Please do a little research yourself. How to reinstall all packages is mentioned in pacman’s archwiki and in 1000 other topics all over the internet – and it’s not the same as what you issued.

Also post full preformatted output of your commands and errors.

Just a small update:
(the app resulting list is too extensive to put it here … )

Meanwhile executed :

pacman -S $( < list.txt)
(noticed that previously I was using an incorrect pacman syntax )

where the “list.txt” were previously made with :

pacman -Qeq

and it finally it worked, although I still have to execute something similar in yay …

Nonetheless thank you for the fast replies …

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