How to recover a file

Hi the community
I deleted a file … too fast
Please, How to recover it ?

Manjaro KDE uptodated.
thanks to earing from you


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From Photorec you can not choose the type of file (sample jpg or vts … file)
You can only recover all the files of the disk … that takes time and place.
Some idea to select a type of file or the name of file when we know it ?
Thanks a lot

  • PhotoRec is specialised in video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures from digital camera memory (thus the Photo Recovery name).
  • Contrarily to popular belief TestDisk can recover anything, but (and that’s a big but):
    • testdisk takes more time to recover a file as it’s a generic tool, not specialised in anything, contrarily to PhotoRec.
    • you should:
      • immediately stop using the disk you deleted the file from
      • remove the disk
      • make a dd of that disk to another disk
      • do the recovery on the copy
      • if you mess up doing the recovery make another copy of the original

This won’t help you right now, but for the future, please read this:


Thanks Fabby. Thanks a lot. I had not seen the security aspects !
In fact Arch don’t have any tool as Recuva, an offline recovery application where we can select the files to recover ? too bad

Actually, PhotoRec and TestDisk are far superior to Recuva and are used by the forensic labs of multiple :eu: police departments…

As you never told us which kind of file you’re trying to recover, we can only offer generic advice, but the best recovery tool of anything out there, is a backup!

:sob: :man_shrugging:

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