How to rebind or disable media keys on bluetooth headphones?

I want the “previous” key on my headphones to jump 10s back in VLC. I unbound the “previous” hotkey in VLC, opened the shortcut input dialog for “jump back”, held the volume down key on my headphones to send a “media previous” key to the computer and VLC did NOT save that key for the keybind, but instead restarted the file that was playing in the background. I have no idea why it does that, there should be nothing in system settings or VLC settings that tells it to do that. As a workaround, I set Ctrl+Shift+Alt+b to jump back instead in VLC and bound the headphone button to “xdotool key Ctrl+Shift+Alt+b” in system settings, which I can only set as long as VLC is not running, otherwise VLC eats the key and restarts the file. I would expect the key binding menu to temporarily overwrite all keys, it should not be possible for VLC to even detect that I pressed that key, yet it reacts to it. When I close VLC, I can bind that button to the command, but that is useless, because VLC will always also restart the file.
So what tells VLC to restart? Is this a KDE issue or a VLC issue? How can I turn these media keys into regular keys that I can rebind however I want?

Now suddenly those keys no longer work at all. I changed nothing.

No, they actually do, but KDE Connect now catches them and randomly plays the last thing I had previously played on my phone! That is even worse.