How to properly set up Virtual Matching using KVM?

I’ve installed KVM using this command following this tutorial

But when I want to create a new virtual machine error occurs. This says:

The emulator may not have search permission to the path
Error were encountered changing permission for the following directories

Why this is showing and how to solve this?

Either you press Yes to fix the issue, or follow this wiki entirely so you avoid being asked when you create other VM:

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I am a beginner in this field. So following the whole wiki is much harder for me. And just pressing Yes not solving this. I found a Reddit post here but with no solution.

I found this tutorial but this also suggest nothing special about this problem. Not understanding how to fix or what permission needed. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks.I found the solution. For future I’m giving it here:
Just run virt-manager with sudo in terminal and press yes when asked Do you want to correct this now? for a quick fix.

The tutorial you posted seems a bit complicated. If I may shamelessly plug a recent tutorial I did on Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager)… Virtual Machine Manager w/UEFI support - DeLinuxCo Workstation