How to prevent selected text from replacing the stuffs I previously CTRL-C'd?

Only recently did I notice that any text I selected would enter the clipboard replacing what I previously CTRL-C’d.

Sometimes this can be annoying, especially when working with terminals. I might end up pasting something else that could wreak havoc, as I usually don’t remember what I previously selected and would believe that I am pasting what I CTRL-C’d previously. Unfortunately, unlike XFCE’s terminal, Cinnamon’s terminal doesn’t seem to be able to warn me about contents that might be unsafe to be pasted.

Could anyone tell me where I could disable this feature so I won’t accidentally get myself into trouble? I think it might not be as easy as I thought, since this annoyance or maybe feature originated from X itself…

That is normal - unless you use some kind of clipboard application - what you CtrlC will replace what is currently on the clipboard.

Search with pamac - theres is a couple of clipboard managers - just select one.

Unless you paste some complex script containing \n there should be no issues.

I guess a clipboard manager could be of help here.

Another option is to disable CtrlC and use CtrlShiftC instead. I really thought the latter was the norm - but what do I know … :grin:

Don’t know about cinnamon’s terminal, but have you checked it’s settings? (In kde/konsole this behaviour can be toggled)

There indeed is a clipboard manager with my Cinnamon installation, though I don’t know its real name. It has options to use Copy (CTRL-C) and Primary (Selection). I already set it to only use Copy (CTRL-C) and unchecked Primary (Selection), but it still could put selections into the clipboard sometimes.

And Cinnamon’s terminal really doesn’t have an option to warn me about anything that might be unsafe to be pasted, and yeah, when selecting multiple lines, there definitely would be \ns when I paste them, but right now it seems the multi-line selections pasted into the terminal would not be executed and I could even backspace them.

I just disabled “Save History” and cleared the clipboard and it doesn’t seem to be taking in the selections now… so it’s possible there were some invalid configurations passed across upgrades (the system has been up for a few years without reinstall) that I only noticed the issue until recently, and configuring the clipboard manager again might have corrected the settings.

Did you ever check your .pacnew files during this whole installation lifespan?

I hardly ever check .pacnew files… as I have never encountered a situation where something gets really, really broken after upgrade.

After all, most software are coded well enough not to break badly due to changes in configuration files across upgrades… there might be minor issues but can be easily resolved if noticed.

Will keep an eye on whether I can still reproduce the issue or not…

That’s an error in my opinion.

That’s an assumption. Your experience seems to show things break, if the root of your issue is unmanaged old .pacnew files, what it seems to be to me.

For some of those files I’d diff them with my current settings to see if there are anything need to be adapted. Since in most cases there were nothing necessary to do I don’t check the files often.

Okay, I’m considering the issue solved for now, though I’ll keep an eye in case I can reproduce the issue again (that is, something unwanted got into the clipboard)…

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