How to play games on Manjaro?

Ok I’m totally new to games specially on Manjaro I found a website I found a game there ‘The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow’ how can I play it on manjaro

I googled here and there and learned I need to have steam I guess but please explain cause I’m totally new to this I don’t know how to do it

Hi @Char,

I’m no big gamer, but I see the game is available on steam:

So that might be a better way to get or play it. Because, there is a whole section about steam on the Arch Wiki:

Of course you have to make sure your PC meets the minimum specifications for the game, which is available on it’s Steam Page.

Hope this helps!


Thank you

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You don’t need Steam for gaming on Linux but it’s the easiest way for newcomers.

If Steam isn’t already installed on your system then install it from Add/Remove Software. There are two Steam packages there, you want Steam (steam) and not Steam (Native) (steam-native-runtime).

The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow is built for Linux so you just need to buy and install it. You can also play many Windows-only games very well on Linux via Proton (which is built into Steam). See

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Oh thanks manjaro ships steam on stable version I’m just not sure if it’s Steam (steam) OR Steam(Native) (steam-native-runtime)

Also Thanks for that website and I guess on that website if games says Platinum (Runs perfectly out of the box) I just need to buy it and install it, right?

Pretty sure it’s the first, the launch icon should be called Steam (Runtime).

99% of the time yes. Always check protondb and read the latest reports before buying just in case.

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