How to pin icons to panel in Xfce?

I’ve seen at least one question about it, and unfortunately it’s not possible to do it with Window Buttons plugin. Is there a plugin somewhere which can solve that issue?

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Happily now it’s possible with the Docklike Taskbar for XFCE which can be found in the AUR

Hope it will be useful :slight_smile:

I don’t think I am understanding the question correctly (the answer seems to straight forward so I assume I am not on the same page?), but in case someone else new to Xfce shows up, you can just right click start menu icons/shortcuts and “+ add to panel”. You can also right click the panel and “panel > panel preferences > items tab” and add/remove anything you like, new launchers, spacers, a long list of applets, etc. Also drag them to any position you like.

You could put a little short one on the left with only start menu and window buttons, and another on the right with only clock and audio controls, whatever you can think of.

Heck, you can adjust the panel itself to expand or not, and be anywhere you want, and behave like a dock, or be totally transparent, anything you can think of almost. I can’t imagine a need for any added dock-like apps.

I find the Xfce panel to be one of the best, most customizable around.

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This thread can look odd, but it’s because it was actually moved from another category and edited.

I’ve seen some time ago that somebody asked how to pin icons to panel like in Plasma desktop, but I couldn’t find it after I learned that there is a new applet which give that possibility. I created a thread and later was asked to convert it to a question, so it can be found easier.

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I figured it was something like that, or someone was trying to pin something out of the ordinary, or whatever. Figured I’d add the more common stuff, just in case, and in case someone else finds this via a search, at least maybe they’ll find what they were looking for in the reply.

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