How to override keybindings

Just installed manjaro sway. I’m impressed how well customized it is.
However I want to override some keybindings. Could not find config file with them. Where is it located?
I was able to change some keys in $HOME/.config/sway/config file but it is not overriding defaults.

@simonb Aren’t you the community team member that provides this flavour?



Most of the keyboard shortcuts are defined for a specific mode, in which sway is currently operating. As such we provide keybindings for modes such as default, recording, scratchpad, screenshot and resize… check /etc/sway/modes/ folder.

But it all comes together in your .config/sway/config, there you will find an include /etc/sway/modes/* at the very end of it. You can just replace this with your own settings, or cherry pick from the existing modes if you like.

Hint: information about the default keybindings for the modes are in the README in your home folder (overlays/sway/etc/skel · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab)

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