How to overcome dkms module taints kernel

I am trying to install a dkms module that tainst the kernel. I have SecureBoot disabled. I see that there is a file related to that, /etc/dkms/, that points to non-existing /root/mok.priv and /root/mok.der files. What should I do? The only solution I found relies on enabling SecureBoot, but if I enable it manjaro doesn’t boot.

The exact error is:

[  145.570905] akvcam: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[  145.571173] akvcam: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel

How can I have the kernel accept my module?

Have you verified that the module is indeed not loaded?
That message is just a warning/informational message, as far as I know.
The module will still be loaded and should work.

Is the module build using a PKGBUILD or did you compile it by hand?

Have you checked the build instructions for the module?

It could contain instructions on how to create a self signed certificate which seems to be needed for the kernel to accept the module.

As you are using dkms - did you install the headers for kernel you are building for? Remember that PKGBUILDs from AUR is created for Arch - and as Arch uses a different kernel naming - you cannot rely on the PKGBUILD dependency array.

The module should be loaded despite those warnings. Please confirm with lsmod | grep akvcam that it’s not loaded.

Solution (?)

depmod -a and call modprobe akvcam AS ROOT.

via Can't install on Linux Mint 19 · Issue #4 · webcamoid/akvcam · GitHub

The module is loaded. I thought that the module would be loaded in some sort of sandbox, not fully functional. I will dig deeper into akvcam.

I am building akvcam with yay, so it is AUR package.

Thanks you!

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