How to overclock your monitor?

I am new to Linux
so umm, how do you overclock your monitor?

That sounds strange in my ears - never heard of it.

How the monitor behaves is depending on output from the GPU card and sending a refresh rate the monitor doesn’t support will result in distortion and in some cases damage to the monitor.

I have seen monitors at 60Hz and 144Hz and even at 240Hz.

I have heard of CPU and GPU overclocking (adding excessive heat and the need for cooling) - just run your system inside a freezer - but the monitor - that is new :confused: - even if it should be possible the risk of damage is too high to be worth it.

He probably meant custom refresh rate set a bit higher than the biggest stock one. Like 73 Hz instead of 60 Hz. It is doable with xrandr but it is likely that it will affect color range as well.

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Just curious for educational purposes, what is the purpose for “overclocking” or “underclocking” a monitor? Typically doesn’t it make sense to set refresh rate to match the monitor’s native refresh rate, and what are the pros/cons of changing that?

I used to set it a bit higher just to get rid of flickering I sometimes notice on my 60 Hz monitor.

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