How to open a port on rpi400 manjaro arm?


i don’t remember having installed any firewall but there are only 3 ports that were opened on my raspberry pi 400, running manjaro xfce arm version. i’d like to know if i can remotely open its ports from ssh ? and if so how ? (i already have ssh access, the two other ports open are for samba which i don’t use)

There is no default firewall so you can’t “open” a port because none is closed.
Which service are you trying to access?

Probably you have to forward the ports in your router’s NAT settings if you want outside access.

I would be careful with that port. It gets scanned a lot.

When a service is enabled - the ports required to connect to it will become active.

A default Manjaro installation has no activated services which is - with the exeption of Openbox, LXDE and LXQt editions - why the firewall is not enabled.

Unless your system is exposed to the internet either directly or via routing using portforward there should be no issues.

If - on the other hand - you intend to make it accessible from outside your LAN you should implement the necessary security measures. Of course implementing security inside your LAN is also possible. See the following topic